Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I'm Working On This Week

Ok. This week, I've decided to introduce all of you (zero followers at the start of this entry O_o) to the way I'm getting back into songwriting, what I've been working on, and maybe some tools I use to try to get ideas flowing onto the paper.  

First things first:  I've been keeping up my regular Object Writing Schedule, and I have two links to share with you that have sort of taken the stress out of actually CHOOSING an object:  I started spending WAY too much time picking an object to write about, because I either didn't think the first object I looked at was good enough, or because I kept choosing similar thing (chair, table, coffee cup, chair, teacup, coffee get the idea).  So I went looking for tools I could use to have the computer think of objects for me. To the google oracle I went, and within  couple of minutes, I found two that I have bookmarked in order to use again:

This is the first one I tried, and I'm continuing to use it for the generation of the Object Writing subject. It has a simple interface, you just choose how many nouns you want the page to generate, and away you go! Now, obviously, since the general category of words generated is "noun," not every word that is produced is going to be usable as an Object Writing subject. But, usually, within a few clicks,  I'm able to get something acceptable. For Example, from clicking right now: bath, quality, tray.  Only two of those words are usable.  Go! Ten minutes on bath!

This one I found a little later, looking for something for an exercise we'll get to in a couple of weeks.  This one is nice, because it has a few extra features that will make it helpful later on.  Not only does it allow you to choose between words of any type of speech (noun, verb, adverb, adjective, interjection, etc.), but you are also able to choose how common you want the word to be. very nice.  Examples:  glow, plant, cream, contribution. Probably only two of those are usable as Object Writing subjects, since the point of Object Writing is to IMMERSE yourself in sensory language using the object as a springboard.  Ten minutes: cream...Go!

As far as my own songwriting is concerned, I'm finishing up a song...just need to get the last two lines of the bridge to not suck...but the form is there and I did some recording...I have decent acoustic guitars, bass, and one ok electric guitar. This week I will be recording another electric guitar and hopefully some vocals (if I can come up with those to lines before the week is out). 

I have also been sketching out an idea I have about Dumbo.  The thing is, As it stands, the chorus I have written in 12 lines long! ...I wonder what the longest chorus in popular music is....any ideas, zero people who are reading my blog? <crickets>

Next week, we'll explore some web 2.0 ways to go through Pat Pattison's exercises from Writing Better Lyrics.

Take care.

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