Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey followers whom I have let down.


Please excuse my absence. Life again.

I know you're probably waiting on the edge of your seat for the return of The Walking Dead, but let me pull on your coat a second.

I just want to hip you to some kick ass records that came out in the last month that you need to purchase. NOW.

First, Hello Cruel World by Gretchen Peters.

Second, Long Ride Home by Darrell Scott.

Also, I was recently turned on to the poet KIm Addonizio. You should go get some of her stuff. I'm really enjoying her book about writing poetry: Ordinary Genius: A Guide For The Poet Within. Get it. Learn it. Become Disciplined.

That's all.

This....Two Months: 

The two albums mentioned above...obviously.

Got a job finally...that takes some of the pressure waiting for JG...

My son's Chirstmas bike was stolen. People are assholes.

Still repairing that Gibson LG-2.

Haven't written much...but the ordinary genius book is inspiring me to get off my ass again.

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